FormsMedical Forms

Below are the medical forms required by the Corporation

  • Doctors Report of Illness/Injury
    This report is the City of Welland’s nonoccupational medical form. Employees are responsible to have the DRI completed by a Medical Doctor/Health Care Practitioner. The DRI is the only acceptable nonoccupational medical form. Other notes or forms from Medical Doctors/Health Care Practitioners will not be accepted.  Please see the Absence and Medical Documentation Procedure available on the staff web site.

JJEC Forms

Below are the JJEC forms used to evaluate jobs in the bargaining unit.  If you are not sure which form you need, please ask a member of the JJE Committee.

Use the JJEC Form 5 maintenance to update your job if it has changed since the last time it was evaluated:

Use the Job Evaluation Questionnaire for the initial job evaluation review: