Farewell Members

Farewell and Best Wishes to our former members!

Your Sisters and Brothers wish you the best in all your future endeavors!

Tracey Chasse (Public Works).
Julie VanLeur (Engineering).

Ahmad Ahmad (Engineering).
Christopher Mazzuca (Planning).
Michael Horsley (Planning).
Mike Kowalczyk (Engineering).
Ryanne Hale (Wellness Centre).
Jacob Biancaniello (Engineering).
Krista Bowie (Wellness Centre).
Aimee Musleh (Engineering).
Jessica Duliban (Wellness Centre).

Tiana Dominick (Bylaw).
Bernice Booth (Communications).
Krisztina Petruzella (Finance).
Linda Chappelle (Finance).
Shannon Moon (Finance).
Rob Lee (Finance).
Don Thrower (Engineering).